Step Into The Magic

As you read this book, you and I will be unfolding together. We will be discovering what wants to emerge from the darkness into the light: your greatness and purpose, wrapped in a deep sense of love and respect for yourself and all of life. In order for this to come through you clearly, you must release the old patterns that are not of service and do not align with the truth of your brilliance. You are a unique expression of love and grace, and you are a gift to this world. From all this exploration and release there will arise a confidence that you can handle anything in life and a foundation of integrity that even the greatest of storms will not crumble. Your inner and outer lives will become congruent, giving your powerhouse of creative energy freedom to express and dream anew! Through these 12 chapters you will be guided to:*Release old unsupportive beliefs*Create new stories and beliefs to unfold the life of your dreams*Discover the peace within, stronger then any storm*Access your powerhouse of creativity*Align your heart, body, and mind with your genius*Create a relationship with life where all is your ally* Step into the Magic of abundance, integrity, love, purpose, and power! All through playful games, intriguing storytelling, transformational explorations, and insightful invitations towards living life full and free. 

Author Bio: Damion Sharpe is an author, actor, filmmaker, musician, improv-artist, and workshop facilitator. Curious from a young age, Damion began exploring meditation and the world of energy, spirituality and transformation. His deep connection with the earth and desire for peaceful existence has motivated him to follow a philosophy that incorporates play, humor, body awareness and depth. Today, he shares his unique understanding of the world with those who are inspired to lead the life they want to live. Discover the Workshops, Music, and Books:

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