Catjectives (Author Interview)

What inspired combining vocabulary development with the whimsical world of cats in Catjectives?

The idea for an ABC cat book came to me first.  From there, I realized I needed to develop synonyms for each letter and then makeup poems to add content.

Can you share a bit about the creative process behind the artwork in Catjectives?

I’d been looking for an artist for a long time but never found anyone willing to do all the work or that was affordable or talented enough. A girlfriend of mine had a granddaughter that could draw. I had her send samples and fell in love with her skill.  We were a perfect match, and she was affordable!

How did you select which adjectives to feature in the book? Were there any Catjectives that didn’t make the cut?

I searched for words that the children could understand, relate to, and be drawn to.

What age range do you think will benefit the most from the vocabulary aspect of the book?

Young readers, 5-7, will enjoy the pictures. Some will grasp the vocabulary.  Perhaps 8 - 9-year-olds can handle the words, but I think the parents and grandparents will also enjoy it for its creativity, uniqueness,, and just plain fun.


How do you envision adults interacting with Catjectives as a coffee table book?

This is the sort of book you can leave around in the living room or bathroom, where adults can pick it up anytime and find the pictures amusing while nourishing their word power.


Do you have a favorite Catjectives and accompanying illustration from the book?

For me, Valued Valerie takes the prize! She’s pretty, chunky, and oh, so snuggly.


Was there a particular message or feeling you wanted to convey through Catjectives?

I just want people to have fun whenever they pick up the book to read and look at the pictures.


What feedback have you received from readers so far?

The response has been extremely favorable. Many people are writing positive comments.


How did you ensure the book was equally appealing to both children and adults?

I made sure the vocabulary was a bit challenging for young people so it could stretch their vocabulary and not be too easy for adults, either.  The pictures, of course, would appeal to young and old alike.


Are there any plans for a follow-up or similar style book in the future?

A number of people have requested that I do a similar book for dogs. I have quite a few ideas floating around in my head. We’ll see what the future holds.

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