Editorial Review for Lightning in the Desert



Editorial Review

Lightning in the Desert—the first installment of "The Specific Heat of Water" series by J Ferrigan—introduces readers to a poignant tale of youth thrust into the throes of war. This series promises to deliver a thorough exploration of its young characters' journey of resilience and search for hope despite the irreversible impact of war. This short audiobook captures the complex realities of luck and survival through the lives of Kalyah and a young soldier; two figures whose paths cross under vastly different circumstances than their first meeting, which could have led them down a path of youthful romance.

Originally conceived as a standalone piece inspired by a vivid dream, Ferrigan crafted this story after engaging with a non-profit dedicated to the welfare of child soldiers. The initial response from readers and listeners, captivated by the depth and potential of the narrative, encouraged Ferrigan to expand the story into a series.

Now, with A Change in the Wind already released, and the final book, The Specific Heat of Water, set to launch in September 2024, this series promises to deliver a thorough exploration of its characters' journeys and the irreversible impact of war. Lightning in the Desert is perfect for those looking for a significant story that can be enjoyed in one sitting—whether on a commute or a quiet afternoon.

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