Infliction Point: A Zach Axton Thriller

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. FBI agent Zach Axton is about to come face to face with it.

Zach Axton is in a dark place. The love of his life has been brutally murdered by a man ruled unfit to stand trial. Kayla, who also happened to be the Senator’s daughter, is gone forever, and so is any opportunity for justice. However, Senator Reynolds, whose life has been torn to shreds, isn’t prepared to give up yet. He’ll do just about anything to get revenge on the monster who took his little girl away. If he has to twist a few arms or break a couple fingers in the process, so be it.

But this time, Bradley Reynolds’ 
unconventional methods have gone too far.

Those who lie and run away, live to lie another day.
Meanwhile, Axton is pulled out of the darkness when the prisoner in an experimental government program designed to increase brain functioning escapes in a violent confrontation. Axton’s unmatched skills in profiling and hunting serial killers are essential to tracking down a brilliant psychopath.

The secret to his success is being able to place himself right into the sick, twisted, calculating mind of a murderer. Not that this could ever backfire, right?

I am listening. I am watching.

Can this skilled operative take down a man who is becoming faster, smarter, and more dangerous every waking second before the city of Austin, Texas, is demolished?

A thread of despair named Kayla still connects Axton and Reynolds, but there’s something else too. Something big, waiting in the shadows.

I am the man behind the black curtain.

A spiraling FBI agent with unparalleled skills. A murderer with limitless intelligence. A U.S. Senator with nothing to lose. Who is the hunter…and who is the prey?

You will not speak my name.

Infliction Point is the cinematic first book in the Zach Axton thriller series. If you like flawed characters, fast-paced action, unpredictable twists, and unputdownable drama, then you’ll devour Mark Hacker’s riveting adventure.
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