All Roads Lead

 A cuckolded groom, a gay man obsessed with his closeted lover, and a young woman impregnated via “stealthing” take a road trip to confront their personal demons.

All Roads Leadis a fast-paced, road-trip novel with nuance, humor, and unforgettable characters. When Alex Bergman learns that his fiancée has been cheating on him, he enlists his gay best man, Jeremy, and Jeremy’s younger sister, Jennie, to wreak havoc on the bride-to-be. They devise a plan to torch the wedding not at the altar but at the reception for maximum effect. Their over-the-top caper is shared on social media and goes viral. The three of them head out of town to NYC with no ultimate destination in mind.

While in New York, they map out a cross-country journey to attempt to find closure. In Nashville, Jennie visits the Vanderbilt student who impregnated her. In Chicago, Jeremy gives an ultimatum to his closeted and married long-time lover. They end up in Boulder, where Alex meets the biological father and half-sister he never knew existed – and learns family secrets he can never reveal.
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