Author Interview: The Sneeze Collector

What inspired you to write about a Sneeze Collector?

The moment you need to sneeze and then it goes away. That frustrating feeling could be completely different if you realised it didn’t just go away, it was stolen! 

How did you come up with the character of Summer?

Impatient, curious, a good heart and an urge to complete any mission he starts. He’s not too unlike myself.

Can you share more about the mysterious man only Summer can see?

This is the sneeze collector, a large and ominous-looking figure. Is he dangerous? Or could he be a hero in disguise?  One thing is for sure, he loves hot chocolate!  

What are some of the crazy inventions in the book?

Invisibility is a big thing, a good sneeze collector won’t get very far if he or she is walking around in plain sight. And how do you collect the sneezes? And where do you store them? These all need clever inventions too.

You included performing pigeons and terrifying tigers; why these animals?

There’s a lot more animals in the book. But I chose to highlight these. Alphonso the pigeon is very talented and has quite a big role! And the twin tigers ‘Thunder and Lightening’ make their presence felt in only the way two terrifying tigers could!

The book has bullies; how do these characters add to Summers adventure?

Ben, Summer’s school bully is not a nice person. Every time Summer tries to make progress Ben seems to be in his way. Can Summer finally get his revenge? He’s going to have to be inventive! 

What was your favourite part of writing this story?

The beginning, seeing it start to grow and blossom. I enjoyed finding solutions when I become stuck at certain sections, that seems to happen when I’m in the shower! For some reason. I liked developing the characters and I truly love the ending! Why? You know there’s one way to find out ;)

How do you hope kids will feel after reading your book?

I sincerely hope they enjoy the story and it’s entire journey. And I also hope that for the rest of their days, whenever they feel the need to sneeze but it just goes away, they will think did it really go away or was it… the sneeze collector!   

Are there any real-life lessons you want your readers to learn from The Sneeze Collector?

Life is tough, we all need a helping hand now and again, you don’t have to do it all alone.

            And don’t be so quick to judge people, everyone is going through something, they might be                    hero in disguise.

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